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This Man Will Give 10% Of His Salary To Fund Another Minority Developer If His Indiegogo Campaign Succeeds

Crowdfunding has become a popular means to turn concepts into products, but one man is turning to Indiegogo in hopes of financing his tuition at a coding bootcamp. But there’s a twist to his campaign: If funded, Lex Alexander says he’ll pay it forward, pledging 10% of his salary for the next two years to finance a minority or female developer to attend a hack school of his or her choosing. “All I ask is they do the same for the next person, and so on,” Alexander told Fast Company.


Oh, your kickstarter raised 4 times it’s goal amount? Send some of that change to another kickstarter that’s struggling!

Have all the money you need for your project? Send people visiting your page to one that might not make its goal!

Popular (and non-marginalized) people are not the only ones with ideas worth crowd funding. Support projects by marginalized people! POC, queers, disabled folks, women and non-binary people deserve these kind of funding opportunities too!

Also, it’s not the sole responsibility of those marginalized groups to lift each other up- there are a lot of cis white dudes bringing in funding super fast. Spread the love.

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via Black Scientists and Inventors
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